Monday, January 14, 2008

A Year of good change

It has been FOREVER since I've last posted on here. I apologize, I know everyone was checking everyday, just longing to hear about my life. ;)
Since I've last posted, I have been on two trips (Haiti and Alabama), and bought a house! As we speak I am covered with sticky bits of wallpaper left over from me scraping the walls of our bedroom for the past few hours. This has become a pretty normal situation in our house (being covered in wallpaper bits), this is the third room we've done in the past month! We have lots of projects we'd like to do before the warm weather and fun come back, I might even post some pics online!
I've also taken up a new hobby, quilting. I am making my very first quilt and am in the middle of step 1: cutting lots and lots of triangles, rectangles, and squares to turn into patterns. My sister in law, Michelle and I are taking this on together. Her quilt is turquoise and white, and mine is shades of browns. I have a horrible history of never finishing any crafty or artsy project that I start, so this year I am going to try to change that about myself. I'm actually not that bad at quilting so far, so maybe it will be something I can stick with.
I have been really excited about some changes in my spiritual life recently. I've been feeling lathargic about life and my relationship with God for the past year or two and I've recently become motivated to actively seek God out and make changes in how I do things. This sounds very vague I know, but just trust me that it's been a very positive thing for me. The first mindset that I'm working on is living in the present. I tend to look ahead to things and then miss living life right in the here and now. This is especially easy for me in the winter because I really don't enjoy the cold weather and being indoors. I tend to feel depressed about it and just long for the warm, balmy air for 5 months. Changing my mindset to looking for joy and life NOW has been so helpful in keeping my spirits up despite the cold and snow. I highly recommend it! In the past years I've realized that I need to actively work to stay happy and healthy mentally in the winter months. Doing things like exercising, going outside as much as I can, and making sure I have things to work on so I'm not moping around the house is key.
So that is a bit of my life right now, I will try to keep you more informed in 2008!
I am off to go sit on the couch with my husband and watch the C's win another game. :)


Kimberly Pye said...

No, I was not checking every day! Why would I set myself up for that disappointment?

Yay for Google Reader! It says, "Laura posted!" and then I go check your blog. No more checking to see that half the blogs I read post disappointingly rarely!

It's good that you have a quilting buddy. As long as you both don't get bored with it, you'll have the sticktoitiveness to finish! (And you do know that once you sew two triangles together to make a square, you have to iron it again, right?) :-)

sara said...

im proud of your quilting endeavors elbs.:) i cant wait to see it! love you xo