Monday, July 2, 2007

vacation time

So, we're leaving tomorrow for LA for a week-long stay in California. We'll be staying over the fourth of July in Santa Monica, then driving up the coast to San Francisco to see the sights. I am really excited about this trip for a few reasons; the first one being new sights and places. When I am in a different part of the country or world, I tend to people-watch a lot more than if I was just in Massachusetts. The scenery all of a sudden stands out more, the architecture is more noticeable, and so are the people. I really enjoy seeing how people live in other places. It just stands out to me so much, how creative God is when I see people living lives in so many different ways. He made us all different, he made us creative in His own image, which in turn allows us to have different ways to live, think, and design our lives. I just smile when I think about all the variety we have on earth, and it's just so humbling to realize you are quite a little nothing compared to the vastness of our world. Helps a lot with my prideful "I am the center of the world" ideas that unconsciously creep into my thoughts with each step I take. I believe that if you allow God to take your mind away from yourself and focus it on the world, it has the power to seriously open your eyes to His thoughts and desires for not only yourself, but for others. So, vacation tends to have that effect on me.
I really try to use traveling time as reflective time for myself, not only for John and I and our relationship, but for my own thoughts, actions and general life choices as well. When we go away, I can take a step back and think about my life much more easily than if I was in the muck of it. I like to keep a journal, hopefully I'll be good about it this time. I'm thinking about doing a daily post of our journey, so MAYBE you'll get to ready a little bit as we go.
I think everyone should experience the stress-reducing power of getting away. Whether it's going somewhere fun for the day, or a week, it's can be such a rejuvinating time (at least for me). It's also just exciting and fun!!!! :)
Okay, time to pack.

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Joshua said...

post up from your trip!!! yay!! missed u this weekend. you and john should plan to come down here for thanksgiving. everyone was here but y'all. :( missed you.