Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Relating to God

Our sermon at church on Sunday was about the different ways that we, as humans, relate to God. There is a little 'quiz' that is supposed to help you figure out how you relate (or just confirm suspicions in my case). So, I took the quiz and this is what I am:

1. Caregiver (draws near to God through caring and serving others)
2. Naturalist (draws near to God through nature)
3. Contemplative (draws near to God through heartfelt adoration and worship)

I was talking to John the other day about what my type might be, and all of these came up. Some people might feel boxed in by taking a little quiz like this, but I actually liked it because it helped me confirm in my mind ways that God made me. I think I'm learning to appreciate how I'm made instead of judging my downfalls. I'm feeling free to just worship God how I relate to him instead of trying to fit myself in another category. It's a very freeing thing. :)
Some other categories there were to choose from were:

Sensate (worship God through the senses)
Enthusiast (worship and celebration)
Traditionalist (ritual and symbol)
Ascetics (solitude and simplicity)
Activist (social change)
Intellectual (mind)

If you are interested in the quiz, go to www.harborofhope.org and you'll find it under 'sermon series'. It was very encouraging for me, maybe it will be for you too! :)

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