Sunday, June 10, 2007

identity crisis

I've felt very confused lately with what we (John and I) should be doing with our lives. I'm in a job 'transition' right now, and John is wondering how long he should be in his job at all. Jobs, School, houses, condos, cars, and locations are all things we think about a lot. My question is, with all the options most American's have now a'days when it comes to lifestyle, what do you choose? How do you know what's best for you? I feel torn between wanting things 'perfect' and just choosing to do the right thing day after day. Maybe I'm complicating things, and maybe this is something that many 20 and 30 something's go through in 2007. I know God has a plan for us. Choosing to trust Him instead of my own (obviously brilliant) mind is so hard. All the time I think that I can rule my own life, that's what we're taught in this world, right? Maybe patience is the best thing for me right now. Patience and prayer. Surrender to God with every step and every decision.
Living in the moment is so important and I find myself wasting away thinking about the 'greener grass'. Guess I should stop writing and go live in the moment right now! :)


Joshua said...

lb, i know what you mean. you are asking the eternal question: how is one supposed to live. however, we dont have much solid guidelines to make that decision. all i can say is that we need to look to jesus and beauty and love and if we dwell on those things maybe we wont be as confused. however, i think i strongly believe that there are no true answers to this question and it varies by person. just go with you heart not society. dont get a house because society tells you its a good investment... get a house because you feel inside that it is what you should do. etc etc. i think you really followed your heart with your job change. keep that up! Josh and i are trying to figure out all those things too. love you. im a phone call away!

Joshua said...

ps. i dont know why that says joshua but its me sara

John said...

Josh, you don't have to pretend you're sara. Express your feelings.

Laura :) said...

Thanks, Sar. You're a very encouraging sister! :)

It's a beautiful day! said...

Hey lb!
Thanks for the comment you left on our blog. It let me click on your name so I found your blog:)

Anywho, we were talking to someone once, who was much older and wiser than we, and this was what they encouraged us with in regards to our questions that are similar to yours. They pushed us to look at our gifts and talents, not just from what the world sees, but also spiritually our gifts as well. Along with the way God has made us, blessed and gifted us they also encouraged us to look at our passions. What are the things that make us tick? and how can we use our gifts with our passions to glorify God. When you figure that out look at possible options and then pray about where God would lead and use us.

Even though we had heard this all our lives, at the time it was like opening a window and helped us to just sort things out. So hopefully it will encourage you guys as well! Love ya, Megan

P.s. when we get back in the states, we should catch's about time for our yearly call;-)